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Chicken Nuggets

So I went to go make myself dinner tonight and I was excited when I remembered we have chicken nuggets in the freezer.  Now I don’t go for all that oven heating stuff.  I’m not that fancy…and I’m too fat to wait that long.

Who has time for an oven to preheat anyway?  You know what doesn’t need to preheat, my trusty old microwave.

So I was happy to see that Quorn has microwave instructions on their chicken nuggets.  Some brands are too fancy for the microwave.  Well screw those guys, I’ve got Quorn.  We’re friends.  Quorn doesn’t judge me for my heating methods.

Happy that I found a chicken nugget brand that understood me, I proceeded to follow the microwave instructions, only to find this:

 Chicken Nuggets

In case you missed it, the instructions say to place 5 chicken nuggets in the microwave at a time. 

Who only eats 5 chicken nuggets at a time?  I eat the whole box…don’t judge me!  I’m a grown man!  I can eat all the chicken nuggets I want.  Getting fat is the American dream and gosh darn it, I’ll achieve the heck out of it!  Don’t get all high and mighty on me by trying to limit my chicken nugget intake. 

These fat rolls require a certain amount of caloric upkeep!